I believe that all humans have the seed of infinite potential inside of them that is simply waiting for a nourishing and attuned environment to blossom. My intention is to support your unfolding by holding deep compassion for the wounds that come with being human, as well as seeing beyond those wounds to the indestructible that exists in all. 

I utilize mindfulness, embodiment, an experimental attitude, dream work, and the relationship between client and therapist to foster this healing and empowering exploration. 

People have described my therapeutic style as:

Compassionate & Attuned, Clear & Invested, Poetic & Playful.

In our work together I will tend to a climate of love and safety where your wholeness can feel welcome. This will free us to gently explore unconscious material using somatic, experiential, and mindful techniques (see more details below) that transform and heal.

I want the growth that occurs in the therapy room to easily translate into your everyday life. As the change process begins, I create experiments and offer homework for you to build upon this new capacity. My greatest wish is for you to integrate your potential so you can live a life of Love, Freedom, and Authenticity.

I am supervised by Anne-Marie Benjamin, LPC, Certified Hakomi Therapist.

who do i work with:

  • Individuals & Couples
  • Meditators & Spiritual Seekers
  • Creatives & Artists
  • Activists & Healers
  • Lovers & Grievers of the Earth
  • All Human Beings Seeking Greater Love, Freedom, and Authenticity

All races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities are welcome here.

issues i treat:

  • Relational Issues & Attachment Wounding
  • Dark Night of the Soul
  • Spirituality & Soul Work
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Grief, Death & Dying
  • Complex Trauma
  • Reoccurring Nightmares
  • The Search for Meaningful Work
  • Differentiation & Individuation Work 
  • General Stuckness & Lethargy

My primary modalities:

Hakomi Body-Centered Therapy: The Hakomi approach applies mindfulness to present moment states in order to discover unconscious belief systems, their origins, and to provide a missing and nourishing experience. Visit this page for more information on Hakomi.

Re-Creation of the Self: Both a map and model for human systems, Re-Creation of the Self (R-CS) provides a structure to bring you back to embodying your Organic Self, while honoring and acknowledging the Fragmented Selves who were created as part of the survival system. Visit this page for more information on R-CS. 

Primary Attachment Therapy: Primary Attachment Therapy utilizes the relationship between us to study and update attachment template based on early caregiver relationships. This work takes place in the present moment and steers toward greater security in relationship. Visit this page for more information on Primary Attachment Therapy.

Experiential Trauma Therapy: A synthesis of today's most cutting edge trauma therapies and research, Experiential Trauma Therapy provides embodied, relational, and present-moment based treatment to process trauma. Visit this page for more information on Experiential Trauma Therapy.

Experiential Dream Work: This work brings your dream life into present moment awareness to translate important messages and meanings, and if necessary, provide completion (particularly to reoccurring and disturbing dreams). I believe working with our dream life impacts our waking life, and vice-versa. Experiential Dream Work provides access to the unconscious and into relationship with your intuition and guidance. 

Experiential Couples Work: Couples work combines many of the above mentioned modalities with direct contact and experimentation between the members of the couple. We will support stuck systems by bringing them into the present moment through the body in ways that allow awareness to be more nuanced, which will then create the space and clarity for a new way of being together.

The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.
— Joanna Macy


  • Graduated from Saybrook University with an M.A. in Psychology with a Counseling Specialization
  • M.E.T.A. Counseling Clinic year-long internship
  • Two-Year Comprehensive Training with M.E.T.A. 
  • Primary Attachment Psychotherapy, M.E.T.A. 
  • Principles of Trauma Therapy, M.E.T.A.
  • Advanced Clinical Maps & Topics, M.E.T.A
  • Working with Couples from an R-CS & Hakomi Perspective, M.E.T.A.